Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shine like the real thing...

I had a hard time deciding what to name my line of jewelry.  I thought about trying to play off my last name... There were so many possibilities!  But I realized that wouldn't be genuine.  I thought long and hard about the image I wanted to create with my jewelry, the inspiration behind it.  

I was inspired to create jewelry after my Great Aunt Lillian and my Grandmother Nellie Mae both passed away.  My mother shared some of their costume jewelry with me and I was enamored.  I loved looking through some of these gems and imagining where they had been.  There was one drop necklace in particular that really caught my eye.  I dreamed of the dinner parties in the 50s and 60s where my Aunt Lillian played the perfect hostess in her home in Newport, Arkansas.  My aunt and my grandmother did not have a lot of money by an means, but they certainly had class and style.  Style is something you possess regardless of money.  

I chose to name my line of jewelry Dimestore Diamonds after I song I love, written and performed by Beth Ditto of the Gossip.  Beth Ditto, for those of you who don't know of her, is from Judsonia, Arkansas - a town not far from the towns of Uno, Grubbs and Newport , where my aunt and grandmother grew up.  In this song, Beth sings about being a "dimestore diamond".  I encourage each of you to be inspired by this song, as I have been.  Lift your head high and shine like the real thing!

I've put together a video with some of the footage I shot during our fall collection photo shoot.  Emily Karnes did an incredible job and I cannot sing her praises highly enough.  Check out this video and watch her shine!

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